Metro Customer Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

Co. Reg: No: P.V.121858

About Us

Metro Customer Solutions (PVT) LTD is a company which has revolutionized the way of providing quality goods that has come forward to fulfil the needs of those who are in search of best Tea and Clothing. The company has come and hope to go a long way since its inception and the company will be providing direct employment opportunities to many individuals who are eager to earn high wages.

Tea Bag 2Kg

Good Quality & Fresh Tea.

Shirts Gents 2Pcs

All sizes & Colours

Shirt and Trouser

All sizes & Colours

Shirt Gents and Sarong

All Sizes, Colours & Designs

Shirt Gents and Saree

All Sizes, Colours & Designs

Saree No 01

Any Designs

Our Mission

Providing direct employment opportunities to thousands of talented individuals through a Multi-Level Marketing process which provides quality Tea, Fabric and other Services. We also aim to contribute to the national economy and to be the dream fulfiller of our employees.

Our Vision

We lead our market as a place to work and enrich thousands of individuals and families in order to live a higher standard of life by earning high wages and building personals with leadership qualities, ethical and cultural values.

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